Is Gardening Good For You? The Unexpected Benefits Of Gardening

A lot of people view gardening as a way to do good for the earth but as discussed in today’s blog, it can be quite the opposite: gardening can do a lot for us. Here are a few of the many benefits of getting muddy in the garden this gardening season:

  1. Boosts self-esteem:Although gardening can be a time-consuming hobby, it is truly rewarding to be able to call a garden your own. Gardening not only makes people happy by encouraging them to release endorphins but also gives them something to pass the time which in turn can lower stress levels.

  2. Not Just Happy But Healthy: A few hours of working in the garden can actually equate to the low-intensity exercise your body requires to promote internal health. The act of gardening has been proven to promote great heart health and reduce the likelihood of a stroke. Finally, a little vitamin D and some fresh air are always good for the body!

  3. A Vaccine For Immunity: Besides the obvious vitamins the garden gives individuals from gardening and eating organic fruits or veggies, gardening can offer several opportunities to strengthen the immune system. Touching soil can introduce the body to beneficial bacteria that work to fight symptoms of conditions such as allergies and asthma. Furthermore, this bacteria has been known for interacting with the brain and reducing the severity of mood swings for those who have depression or anxiety.

Looks like gardening is even better for people than we thought, is that even possible? Whether you’ve been planting for years or are looking to start your first plant bed this spring, Four Seasons Garden Centre is a Toronto garden centre that can help! We offer reliable services such as equipment rentals, landscaping designing, garden landscape design, and lawn and garden maintenance so you can have a successful gardening season this year. Come by today to learn more!


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