Get An Early Start To The Garden This Spring

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Spring is here but with the crazy weather we’ve been having, everyone in the GTA is skeptical as to whether they should start gardening or keep their winter jacket out for one more week. Starting your garden early doesn’t always need to be a gamble and that’s what today’s blog is all about: getting a head start on your garden this season. Here are a few tips for preparing for your garden and mapping out a landscaping design on those warmer days throughout the spring:

Use containers: Using containers as temporary homes for plants and vegetables is a great way to get your seeds growing without them potentially freezing over. When the forecast guarantees some sun rays let the plants play in the backyard and on chillier days you can just bring them inside for the best of both worlds.

Winter Jackets For Your Seedlings: Another way to ensure plants stay warm is by covering them with materials such as row covers or solar plant cones. These mechanisms will make sure plants are staying at a comfortable temperature for maximum growth by securing the sun’s warmth inside them.

Frost Bite Protectors: Similar to the last tip, cold frames are another system for making sure jack frost doesn’t come after the plants. It is a wooden frame with glass, which works to keep plants at a warmer temperature than outside of the frame. Alternatively, one can install a hotbed which serves a similar purpose; keeping growing buds nice and toasty.

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